There’s nothing quite like the wildness of the Scottish Highlands in November, especially when there’s a bloody great storm or two hovering over it for the week. The Met Office can personalise storms with human names all they like – Abigail and Barney it seemed didn’t share my plans for a varied portfolio, leaving just one shot worth showcasing.

This was at least the one shot I’d specifically gone up there for, and while it wasn’t the perfect reflection in still waters I had in mind, I’m pleased that the effort to get it paid off. It was certainly hit-and-miss for a while…

Edging up the A87 under increasingly brooding cloud didn’t present a promising picture, and the onset of a bitter snowstorm left little option but to head into the nearest hostelry to hope it passed. Half an hour and a warming cup of coffee later it just about had, and after a diversion through the wild tundra landscape surrounding Loch Duich, my destination lay in front of me.

Eilean Donan Castle: An omnipresent vision on shortbread tins up and down the land and picture-perfect postcard scene. It was dull, contrast was poor and the low water was visibly sliding away taking the deep reflections with it. I chanced it, slid on some wellingtons and waded out into the murky depths further and further with the receding tide. It was cold, but the persistently unforgiving weather held off as the fast moving cloud swirled above and sucked the daylight away with it. A few different compositions and an hour later and I reckon I’ve got something I’m happy with.

Storm clouds gathering over the gateway to Skye. Scotland, I’m done with you for now.


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