It’s been something of an obsession for me, this place, what with my fascination for old buildings, dereliction, restoration and grand architecture of the old world order. I’ve explored it, researched it, lived it, and this time I was here to photograph the new crown on the re-purposed Lancaster Moor Hospital.

The iconic building’s central water tower – now a penthouse apartment – has a roof terrace accessed through a sliding glass box roof light. And the company that manufactured it – Glazing Vision – wanted a set of pictures of it in situ.

The job seemed to sit in permission limbo for weeks, months, waiting for the roof to be finished, waiting for access to be granted, waiting for it to be clean enough to shoot (and I’m glad I had the foresight to take cloths and a towel up there with my camera gear), and waiting for a good enough sky to give the shots depth and warmth on the cold January morning it finally all came together.

It was worth it. My client and theirs were happy with the work.

This project was so challenging, the finished shots are brilliant and your hard work in getting them is very much appreciated!
  • Suzanne, Pauley Creative

See Glazing Vision’s case study and set of pictures here.

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