I’m conscious of re-shooting a scene when I don’t feel it can be improved upon, and I don’t think I’ve even attempted this one since I shot it after dusk five years ago. On this occasion though I decided to see what kind of sky might be cavorting around behind Whitby’s famous Abbey as the sun went down…

It had been hazy and grey all day and I wasn’t even sure of a decent sunset, but it was also the last night of my brief trip round North Yorkshire this month. Whitby is always a pleasant evening out with decent fish and chips though, and I headed in to town after the throngs of day-trippers had left to get a bite to eat and fight off the vicious seagulls that had a go as I walked to the bandstand.

Walking on the pier afterwards the monotonous sky started to break and the evening sun finally broke through to light up the cliffs and the architecture. It was already low and I wasn’t sure I’d get up to the Abbey before it set but I sensed a good shot might be had if I made the effort.

It certainly paid off. As I rounded the east wall the clouds were bursting with colour, deep purples and oranges out to sea with pinks over the harbour town itself. Just as I was taking some silhouettes the burning orb revealed itself between the masonry, and straddling the wall I captured the sun burst shot above before watching it disappear below the horizon.

I’m happy with that.

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